Customer Reviews

GREAT burger with grilled onions and blue cheese... And a good drink!
— Liz Komorowski | Facebook Reviews | December 16, 2017
I blew a tire in front of Cousin Hugo’s early on a Saturday morning. Owner Tommy brought me in from the cold and served up the BEST cup of coffee, which I enjoyed in front of a warm fireplace. For over 30 years I have lived in the Maplewood-Richmond Heights area. I had never been inside. It is much bigger on the inside than it looks driving by. The ambience is cozy. I look forward to returning to try the cuisine. I lost a tire but I made a community connection, a comfort in these tumultuous times.
— Mary Anne | Facebook Reviews | December 9, 2017
Great food, good times, friendly people.
— Robert G. | Google Reviews | December 2017
Great burgers, good service, friendly and casual atmosphere and fabulous price!
— Mary McCafferty | Google Reviews | December 2017
Good food, service, and a relaxed atmosphere!
— Cynthia Spence | Google Reviews | December 2017
Great place to go in nice weather as they have a delightful little patio. They have a very diverse menu with a lot of choices, but they are famous for their Hugo burgers. Try their delicious homemade chips as a side, or pay a small upcharge to French fries or onion rings. Try their $6.99 lunch special during the week which comes with a single cheeseburger, fries or chips, and a soft drink.

The service is great and I have never waited more than fifteen minutes for my meal. Never ate here except for lunch, but seems like it would be a great place to go and spend an evening with some drinks and good friends as well. Overall I would definitely recommend Cousin Hugo’s as a neat little place to go for lunch, dinner or just drinks. Seems mostly family friendly as well, but don’t know if that could change in the evenings.
— John Hanson | Google Reviews | December 2017
This place is awesome! Everything from the ripe red tomato on my sandwich to the side of ranch with my jalapeño poppers. They have options for a variety of dishes that are very affordable.
— Laura Thomson | Facebook Reviews | November 1, 2017
Waitress was wonderful, food was delicious.
— Jane Wilson | Google Reviews | November 2017
Great burgers and friendly service.
— Diane Beck | Google Reviews | November 2017
Always good burgers and sandwiches at reasonable prices.
— Robert Whitney | Google Reviews | November 2017
Great lunch specials.
— Shane Stair | Google Reviews | November 2017
The food is tasty and the prices fair. Most importantly they have diet Dr. Pepper in their fountain.
— Andrew Bolin | Google Reviews | November 2017
Hugo’s is a HOMETOWN hero, managing to have great food and an awesome feel with your meal. I say hometown quite literally. This is actually a house that has since been converted/expanded into a restaurant.

I always order the Grilled Cheese Deluxe. Sounds pretty straight forward, but in fact, a work of art. Loaded with cheese, accompanied w/ a fresh tomato and bacon strips. Notably is the crisp bacon, not plagued with the rubbery effect sandwiches often face.

The outside patio has prime seating area, nicely lit, with homemade chairs. I bring up the chairs because their made from PVC pipe, and outperform any equipment Eddie Bauer or Ozark Trail would produce. Super comfortable.

Bring the family and kids. Low-key, word-of-mouth, local real estate. Regulars fill the crowd. Full bar at the entrance, ample tables in the LIVING ROOM, and a sweet deck in the back. Tell your friends, and tell them I told ya to tell em!
— Andy K. | Yelp Reviews | October 20, 2017
Good food (fish sandwich, patty melt, mushroom app) and fantastic best in class service. We look forward to coming back for ribs.
— Donnagail Rine Carr | Facebook Reviews | October 13, 2017
Great place. Everything good bar food. Great atmosphere.
— Kyle Hague | Facebook Reviews | October 12, 2017
I love the food and the atmosphere. When I am in the area Hugo’s is my place to go. Service is always friendly and fast.
— Tammy McDonald | Google Reviews | October 2017
I love this place. Staff is great, food is good, drinks and specials are great. I can easily say I blame my lack of weight loss on them (try the burger and fries, only place I’ll eat them).
— Jennifer Rohrer | Google Reviews | October 2017
Love the waitresses and bartenders always friendly.
— Lisa Johnson | Google Reviews | October 2017
Great burger, old fashion bar feel, was nice.
— jck cam | Google Reviews | October 2017
Great people, and great bar food - recommended!
— Mark Anderson | Facebook Reviews | September 29, 2017
Great food, great people!
— Danielle Reddick | Facebook Reviews | September 20, 2017
I was at a birthday party for a friend... Service was great, food and drink were too! Our waitress did a wonderful job taking care of us!
— Debra Pancoast Libby | Facebook Reviews | September 12, 2017
Truly a place where people know your name... and your choice of beverage... and even what you eat on a regular basis. Has become a great place to take children out to dinner, as Laura and Tracey on Friday nights are great with the little ones! Has been our dinner date on Fridays for over five years. Hugo’s has a really caring staff and we hope to visit them another five years!
— Jan Frerichs Pryibil | Facebook Reviews | September 9, 2017
Everything on their menu is great and you can’t beat a good screwdriver!
— Cathy Cross | Google Reviews | September 2017
Food and service is awesome, family friendly! Vegan burger is really good!
— Joey Metcalf | Google Reviews | September 2017
Great food.
— Richard Anderson | Google Reviews | September 2017
Really delicious burgers, and great service!
— Michelle W. | Yelp Reviews | August 24, 2017
Awesome food and service always amazing still as I remember from years ago.
— Garytasha Zink | Facebook Reviews | August 5, 2017
I must confess. I saw a meatloaf special in their FB post and knew we had to have it. We were not disappointed. Delicious meatloaf, possibly best we’ve ever had in a restaurant or bar. We also thoroughly enjoyed an order of onion rings as an appetizer. Service was also excellent. Also happy to know they serve my favorite soft drink. Thank you, Cousin Hugo’s!
— Margaret Johnson | Facebook Reviews | August 5, 2017
Webster’s best keep secret! Who doesn’t love fried green-beans?
— Anne Roberts | Google Reviews | August 2017
Good service and food for lunch. Well known!
— Jim Handshy | Google Reviews | August 2017
Their ribs are worth driving to...
— Roberto M. Alcabao | Google Reviews | August 2017
Sevice was great! Liana is a great server and makes you feel like you’re at home!
— Katie Mcd | Google Reviews | August 2017
Great food, cold beer, great service, they even have a braunschweiger sandwich. I love it!
— Lori Rawlings | Google Reviews | August 2017
Great lunch special. Quick and easy!
— Amanda Dunaway | Gooogle Reviews | August 2017
Great service and a smoking burger deal.
— Bryan Jones | Google Reviews | August 2017
Cozy tavern with good eats, full bar, and friendly staff. Sports specials and happy hour. Go see Beau on Sunday and Monday nights. He’ll take care of you!
— Hollypeno Pepper | Google Reviews | August 2017
Great wings, loved the salad and ranch... Great service and affordable!
— JoAnne M. Peek Tyson | Facebook Reviews | July 31, 2017
Cousin Hugo’s is great for lunch. They have an incredible cheeseburger special that includes a cheeseburger with your choice of cheese, topped your way. Also included is a side of fries or onion rings. I always choose onion rings, but I hear the fries are good too. Finally, a drink is also included.

Delicious food, attentive wait staff, and a small local business. What more could you ask for?
— Al S. | Yelp Reviews | July 28, 2017
Had the wings. The sauce was awesome! Then the Reuben! Perfection! The pub chips were great!
— Greg Riddle | Facebook Reviews | July 20, 2017
First time I’ve been here. The burger was excellent with a very fresh bun. Love the grilled onions. Chips must be home made. Server was very attentive. I think she said that she’s worked there twenty years
— Donna Schatz Pinney | Facebook Reviews | July 9, 2017
Tasty cheeseburger. Ms. Pacman. We had a good time.
— Susan Ward | Facebook Reviews | July 9, 2017
Great cheeses burger lunch special.
— Alan Davidson | Google Reviews | July 2017
Great burgers and onion rings. Fast service and pretty cheap.
— Dana Johnson | Google Reviews | July 2017
Great local bar. My favorite is the patty melt.
— Margaret Elliott | Google Reviews | July 2017
Great Food and very attentive staff. Best little bar and grill in St. Louis!
— Christopher Dennis | Google Reviews | July 2017
Hard to beat their cheeseburger lunch special. Fried green beans are amazing.
— Kris Bishop | Google Reviews | July 2017
The restaurant is a bit cramped, which is probably a testimony to how good the food is. They need to squeeze in as many seats as possible to handle their popularity.

They serve typical bar fair, plus some really quaint home cooking. It’s quite tasty, and the lunch specials are a good deal.
— Toffet Vii | Google Reviews | July 2017
All I can say is, well, I absolutely love Cousin Hugo’s, and I shall continue to refer so many folk here day and day again, because, the food, the atmosphere, is 100% great, and I love it. Reserve me a seat, please.
— Gregory E. | Yelp Reviews | June 24, 2017
Our family favorite! Everything is delicious, but they have the best chicken wings around with homemade ranch!
— Kris Siebert | Facebook Reviews | June 11, 2017
Great food, good price, very cozy.
— Brad Stumpf | Google Reviews | June 2017
I’m from Chicago and I really really liked my visit to Cousin Hugo’s. The burger tastes just like one you would make on your grill in your back yard, delicious.
— Peter Harko | Google Reviews | June 2017
Great lunch special. Cheese burger, side and drink, $6.99. I had the onion rings, which were to die for. Staff is very friendly. Bartender was super nice. Just a little place but the food and service are wonderful. I will be back. YUM give them a try.
— Pam M. | Yelp Reviews | May 8, 2017
Great burgers!
— Andrea Dent | Google Reviews | May 2017
This is the definition of a kick butt neighborhood joint. Cold beers, friendly folk; both customer and server alike. Fabulous fries and juicy burgers. All whilst not emptying the pocketbook!
— mutinycb | Google Reviews | May 2017
Great food for a good price. Can’t beat their M-F deal cheeseburger with fries or onion rings and a soft drink for $6.95.
— Rita Holt | Google Reviews | May 2017
Great food and better hospitality.
— Kelby G | Google Reviews | May 2017
The bartender is great.
— Mark Suntrup | Google Reviews | May 2017