Custom Catering

Customers often ask about whether Cousin Hugo's will cater on and off-site business events and personal parties. The good news is, YES, we are more than happy to help cater your party. However, NO, we do not have a specific catering menu. If interested:

  1. Call Tommy Bahn to inquire about catering your event: 314-645-8484 (main) or 314-550-6909 (cell).

  2. Tommy Bahn will take down all necessary info: date/time, number of people, needs, location, budget.

  3. After taking down all the info, Tommy Bahn will get back to you about Cousin Hugo's catering options.

Also, remember that Cousin Hugo's can make a section of the restaurant (usually the back) available for a large group or private party. Catering options depend on many things, so all of our catering is custom. Thanks for understanding. Hope to hear from you!